Best Gluten Free Eats in Melbourne

Best Gluten Free Eats in Melbourne

Melbourne is the foodie capital of Australia and for good reason. It is known for its laneway cafes and historic arcades full of bespoke foodie outlets and shopping gems. But, I have to say, I was quite surprised to discover it more than lives up to this reputation on the gluten free foodie front as well.

I honestly had NO IDEA there were simply so many amazing gluten free venues to be explored down there. I am now officially in love with Melbourne. Yes I did know Melbourne/Victoria is the best behaved city/state in Australia regarding seeking Coeliac Aus official endorsement (well done Melbourne), but to actually see how that translates into the range of foodie cultural experiences possible that are gluten free is exciting. Gluten free foodie paradise. And I didn’t even get to experience them all personally (I only had 3 days, but did my best…astoundingly over-ordering at every venue I went to, possibly scaring some of the staff).

 And thank you beautiful GFJ FB + Insta community for giving me so many amazing places to try out! Of course I didn’t even make it to half of them, but will just have to come back to try the ones a little further out. It has given me a HUGE list to share with you though. And I plan to return so I can tick more off my list.

And heads up, I am now planning Melbourne Gluten Free Weekend Escapes (stay tuned for dates & details!).

So here is the beautiful, beautiful list of the best gluten free experiences from this foodie paradise.


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