Does A Coeliac Diagnosis Mean That Life Has To Stop?

Does A Coeliac Diagnosis Mean That Life Has To Stop?

Now that you are a fully-fledged diagnosed coeliac, what lengths do you have to go to to avoid gluten? Do you have to stay at home forever in a safe gluten free cocoon, shielded from the horrible gluten infused world around you? Or do you venture out armed with good intel and a battle plan? 

Well believe it or not, both pathways, & a whole lot of others in between, form the varied responses of a coeliac to their new life long condition. And the different approaches can generate debate within the coeliac community.

A rather innocent post on a social media coeliac support group page blew up recently into a bit of a slanging match between those that advocate that we cannot ever risk cross contamination and should therefore avoid eating at any venues that are not 100% gluten free, versus those that feel life is too short to live in a shell out of fear re what ‘could’ go wrong, and so choose to take carefully measured ‘risks’ by also eating at non 100% gluten free venues (that do however use ‘coeliac safe’ (CC) food handling procedures).


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