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Cross Contamination: When "Gluten Free" Does Not Mean Gluten Free


It has become clear in recent months that the use of the label ‘gluten free’ has been used a little too liberally in some sectors of the food industry. Recent reports have discovered that some packaged products labeled gluten free, as well as meals/items identified as gluten free through signage or on listed menus, have in fact had react-able amounts of gluten present... READ MORE


Ten Things All Coeliacs Wished All Food Providers Knew


The gluten free community is apparently a growing concern. When I was diagnosed as a coeliac 17 years ago we were still somewhat grouped together with alternate foodies who were assumed to border on hippy tendencies. In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, prior to my actual diagnosis, I was one of the cynics... READ MORE


Symptoms of Coeliac Disease 


With an estimated 80% of coeliacs UNDIAGNOSED in Australia, it is important to raise awareness of the many ways coeliac disease can manifest itself. Most know of course the obvious symptoms…the ones that end up awkwardly being spoken about when informing someone you have coeliac disease…conversations that  often go something like this… READ MORE


Not All Glutening is Equal – Understanding the Asymptomatic Coeliac


We all know one. We all secretly envy them…or, you know, hate them. The Asymptomatic Coeliac. They waltz through life NOT having bloating, or tummy cramps, or IBS, or hideous skin rashes. They just go ‘oops! Oh no, I accidentally ate gluten’... READ MORE


Top Ten Gluten Free Pet Peeves


Look, I love that our world is becoming more and more gluten friendly and that options to experience quality gluten free dining are getting broader and broader. Having been a diagnosed coeliac for 15 years I have witnessed over that time wonderful progress and thankfully we have moved on from orange almond cake or friands as our only café cake options and we can now often find many restaurants with a variety of gluten free options actually labelled on their menus. But lets be real. Eating out as a coeliac can still be a very, very disappointing and frustrating experience, and in some cases, an emotional minefield...READ MORE


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