Gluten free sweet tooth’s this one is for you!
This gorgeous recipe book is filled with YUM gluten free treats that avoid refined sugar and are also helpfully dairy & soy free.
Due to ongoing health issues, author Alyssia Fraser from Spoon and Table began a journey to create delicious alternate recipe solutions that allowed for her increasing dietary restrictions.
The result was a collection of delicious treats that will no longer cause your digestive system to go into meltdown! 
“I believe sweets are important for overall happiness and wellbeing…after all no matter how much you have eaten there is ALWAYS room for dessert.” Alyssia
gluten free tea cake recipe    gluten free lemon tart recipe
 alyssia fraser author of gluten free cookbook recipes
“I bought this book a few months ago & simply love it!…it is helping me change the way I see food at my table. It is now my most favourite used book.”  Michelle