Copy of About Us

Hi, I'm Jane, founder and owner of Gluten Free Joy.

I have been on my gluten free journey since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 20 years ago. My husband and 3 adult sons have been on this journey with me, and have coped with some of the most atrocious meals we have ever eaten in our quest to find good gluten free places to eat out at together! This of course birthed my vision to connect other coeliacs and those on a gluten free diet with quality gluten free foodie experiences. We live in beautiful Queensland, Australia, in a house surrounded by gardens, which also bring me joy. I am addicted to travel and pursue my quest for gluten free joy around the world as much as I can, which is not anywhere near often enough. I look forward to connecting with you and hope I can help to bring a little more gluten free joy to your world.

Jane xx